本文摘要:China’s fast-paced economy has helped create a number of massive consumer brands with growing market clout.中国快节奏的经济早已派生出有了一批大型消费品牌,它们大大快速增长的市场影响力都不容极强。

China’s fast-paced economy has helped create a number of massive consumer brands with growing market clout.中国快节奏的经济早已派生出有了一批大型消费品牌,它们大大快速增长的市场影响力都不容极强。Technology giants Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu—often referred to as the BAT companies—are typically ranked among the world’s most valuable based on metrics like brand value and share of worldwide digital ad revenues.科技巨擘腾讯、阿里巴巴和百度 - 一般来说被称作BAT公司 - 如果以品牌价值和全球数字广告收益份额为标准,这几家公司都算数得上是全世界最有价值的品牌。According to a March 2017 report by Kantar Millward Brown, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu rank among the top five most valuable brands in China.Kantar Millward Brown公司2017年3月的一份报告表明,中国五大最有价值品牌,腾讯、阿里巴巴和百度占有三席。The report, which measured brand value using a forecast of each company’s future earnings and growth potential, placed Tencent at No. 1 thanks to a 2017 brand value of $106.18 billion.该报告通过预测每个公司未来盈利和发展潜力来取决于品牌价值。

2017年腾讯的品牌价值为1061.8亿美元,名列第一。Alibaba came in second in terms of brand value ($58.01 billion), while Baidu had the fifth highest brand value at $23.89 billion.阿里巴巴的品牌价值(580.1亿美元)分列在第二位,百度的品牌价值为238.9亿美元,名列第五。

Many of the brands in Kantar Millward Brown’s list came from the telecom, banking, retail or technology sectors.Kantar Millward Brown名单上的许多品牌都来自电信、银行、零售或技术行业。Alibaba, for example, attributes much of its success to its ecommerce platform.例如,阿里巴巴因其电子商务平台而大获得顺利。

But many of the top brands on this China-specific list also recognize a significant share of their revenues from sources like digital advertising.不过,还有很多经常出现在这份中国特色名单上的许多顶级品牌,他们的主要收益源于数字广告等渠道。In fact, eMarketer’s 2017 estimates of the top companies worldwide ranked by net digital ad revenue share bears this out.事实上,eMarketer2017年根据数字广告净收入占到比预估的全球顶级公司也证实了这一现象。It’s no surprise that Google and Facebook still control the lion’s share of digital ad revenues, with a combined 49.2% of the worldwide market in 2017.没什么车祸,Google和Facebook依然掌控着绝大部分数字广告份额,两家公司2017年全球数字广告份额总和为49.2%。

But China’s Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent come in third, fourth and fifth, respectively, accounting for 15% of net digital ad revenues worldwide this year.而中国的阿里巴巴,百度和腾讯分列全球第三、第四和第五,占到全球数字广告净收入的15%。As long as consumer incomes in China continue to grow, and the country’s companies maintain their marketing push to reach them, it seems likely these three digital behemoths will remain important players in China’s digital economy.只要中国的消费者收益持续增长,且中国的公司仍然用营销的手段去顺应消费者的收益快速增长,那这三个数字经济巨擘仍将扮演着中国数字经济中的最重要角色。